Core competences

  • Drupal

    The most powerful content management system. It has 3000+ contributed modules with 16 000+ contributing developers and will help you make your life easy and enjoyable.
  • Responsive design

    Your site will look great, no matter if your visitor is checking it out on its mobile device or in the convenience of a home desktop. Be ready for the future of the web.
  • Drupal Commerce

    A full and flexible solution for you online store. This open source eCommerce framework follows the Drupal standards, so let your imagination fly and your revenues shoot up!
  • Wordpress

    You want to enjoy the easy and comfortable interface of the most prominent content management system around. Here is the right place to start. Guaranteed.

In astronomy precession is

the change of direction of the axis of any planet. The Earth needs 26 000 years for a full circulation of its astronomical body. This space of time is the so called precessional cycle. In my web universe precessionmedia means the whole circulation of your desires. I'm here for you with my competence and I'm happy to fulfill your ideas in a cosmic way.

Some of my work