Me My name is Dimitar Rupov and precessionmedia - that's is my web-name.

Technical knowledge and education

I have a longstanding experience in web development which surged back in 2007 and love creating web applications with the web tools PHP, MySQL, javascript and css. My main focus is backend development with the CMS systems Drupal and Wordpress.

Currently I am CTO of the medial online learning platform 123 Sonography in Vienna. Check out 123 Sonography's website to see the amazing features on the platform. We are running a Drupal 7 installation with heavy Drupal Commerce usage and are happy to server nearly 30 000 users on the platform.

I have earned a master degree in economics in the Vienna University of Economics with Corporate Finance and Production Management as my main focus. However web development was always my excitement - so here I am now, enjoying my hobby during work.

Language skills

  • German
  • English
  • Russian
  • Bulgarian (native)

My motto

In astronomy precession is the change of direction of the axis of any planet. The Earth needs 26000 years for a full circulation of its astronomical body. This space of time is the so called precessional cycle.

In my web universe precessionmedia means the whole circulation of your desires. I'm here for you with my competence and am happy to fulfill your ideas in a cosmic way.