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This post should give a quick example on how to write the code to create your own custom actions for Drupals' Rules module. Writing your own plugins for rules (events, conditions or actions) can give you enormous benefits later, when you start to reuse them throughout the site or even port them on other Drupal sites.

For those who work with Drupal the Views-module is probably known as well as Drupal itself. For a good reason: it's simply unbelievable how many amazing things you can do with it, without having to write a single line of code. Views has most of the things you'll need for your queries already baked in and there is a pile of modules extending it, but as always in life there are cases where you need something special. So as an example on how to extend Views this article will show how to create you own custom filter.

In this post I want to give an example of how to use the power of ctools plugins to add additional styles options to your panels. This way you can have complete control over the wrappers of your panes and panels by retaining flexibility and allowing settings to be set in the Panels UI.

The idea is to show how to create a panels style plugin which would use an image field, attached to your content type or any entity, and show this image as background element of this entity, when displayed via panels.

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